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Residential Dilemmas in the United States, The Challenge and the Potential

American Homeownership Trends Challenges and Residential

American Homeownership Trends: In the realm of American politics, single-issue candidates often face an uphill battle. However, one figure stands out amidst the sea of traditional politics: James McMillan III, the colorful founder of The Rent is Too Damn High Party. Since 1993, McMillan, also known as Jimmy McMillan, has waged campaigns for various political […]

Verifying Biden’s Recent Economic Statements

President Biden economic statements are currently being verified

As President Biden gears up for re-election, scrutinizing the accuracy of his recent economic statements becomes imperative. Economic Growth and Job Gains: A Mixed Picture The economy witnessed a 3.1 percent growth under Biden’s administration from the close of 2022 to the end of 2023. Inflation rates, though on a downward trend since the summer […]

Chair of the Senate Banking Committee Calls on Federal Reserve to Punish Breaches in Trading

Chair Sherrod urges Federal Reserve to address trading breaches

In a significant move, Sherrod Brown, Chair of the Senate Banking Committee, has urged the Federal Reserve to enhance its policies on financial market trading by Fed officials. This call for action follows a recent watchdog report exposing additional details about trading activities by policymakers during the pandemic. Ethical Guidelines Overhaul Two years ago, the […]

Biden Travels to California to Increase His January Fundraising Total to $42 Million

President Joe Biden boosts January fundraising total to $42 million

President Joe Biden sets his sights on California, embarking on a crucial fundraising tour to enhance his re-election campaign funds after a successful $42 million haul in January. Bright Spot Amidst Declining Popularity Despite a recent decline in popularity as indicated by polls, Biden’s fundraising prowess emerges as a beacon of optimism. The campaign reported […]

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