The Biden Anti-Oligopoly Campaign

The Biden Anti-Oligopoly Campaign

The Biden administration has officially stripped the first-in-the-nation New Hampshire primary of its status, in an unexpected move by the Democratic National Committee (DNC). This decision comes as a consequence of President Joe Biden’s underwhelming performance in 2020, setting the stage for a dramatic shift in strategy as Biden’s allies gear up for the 2024 election.

“The DNC’s removal of New Hampshire’s primary status signals a strategic pivot post-Biden’s 2020 challenges,” said Barron’s.

American Bridge’s New Role: “Third-Party Suppressor”

American Bridge, the Democratic Party’s primary opposition research organization, known for tracking and producing attack ads against Republicans, is taking on a new role as a “third-party suppressor.” Armed with substantial financial resources, the organization is actively working to prevent third-party competitors from gaining ground in the upcoming election.

Aggressive Tactics: Flagging Technical Issues and Legal Challenges

A central tactic in this campaign involves flagging technical issues and initiating legal challenges. This occurs as third-party candidates navigate the complex patchwork of state ballot access laws. Pat Denis, president of the American Bridge group, emphasizes their dedication to scrutinizing potential competitors. He hints at possible legal action if issues arise, highlighting their commitment to thorough examination.

Strategic Move Amid Biden’s Perceived Vulnerability

The decision to suppress third-party competition comes against the backdrop of President Biden’s perceived vulnerability. Gallup reports reveal that political independents constitute the largest bloc in the U.S., tying the record high at 43% in 2023. Democrats, meanwhile, reached a new low at 27%. This brings the combined Republican and lean-Republican figure to 45%. It represents a notable advantage rarely seen since Gallup began measuring independent political leanings in 1991.

Aggressive Actions Against Trump: Legal Maneuvers and Ballot Challenges

Simultaneously, aggressive actions are being taken against prominent Republican figure Donald Trump. Attempts to keep Trump off state ballots and various prosecutions initiated by the Biden Justice Department and local prosecutors are generating significant attention. The motives behind these legal actions remain unclear. This raises questions about the intent behind these actions. Are they aimed at eliminating Trump as a Biden competitor? Or is the goal to consolidate Republican support around him, thereby sidelining other potential Biden rivals?

Impact on Democratic Competition: A Growing Concern

As Democrats prepare to showcase their diverse coalition, concerns are mounting regarding the impact of these strategies on democratic competition. The Biden re-election strategy disqualifying competitors and limiting opposition poses a significant challenge to the democratic process, raising concerns about fairness. The nation watches closely as the political landscape evolves. People are waiting to see how these maneuvers will shape the upcoming presidential election.

“Democrats’ diversity focus raises concerns about limiting competition, posing challenges to fairness and democratic principles,” according to WSJ Newspaper.

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