Staff Reductions Hit Ron DeSantis PAC Following Iowa Setback

Staff Reductions Hit Ron DeSantis PAC Following Iowa Setback

The political action committee (PAC) supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, known as “Never Yield,” announced staff reductions on Wednesday, casting doubt on the viability of his presidential campaign. Despite earlier claims of a viable path forward, this decision reveals internal tensions following DeSantis’s substantial 30% defeat to former President Donald J. Trump in the Iowa state caucuses.

Extent of Staff Layoffs at “Never Yield” PAC Remains Unclear

The extent of staff layoffs at the “Never Yield” super PAC remains unclear, but the organization had heavily invested in a ground operation in Iowa, taking on responsibilities typically handled by a conventional campaign.

Staff cuts at ‘Never Yield’ PAC raise doubts on DeSantis’s presidential bid after Iowa defeat, according to WSJ Print Version.

George Andrews Announces Termination and Displays Understanding

Among those affected by the layoffs is George Andrews, who served as the operations director in the Iowa caucuses and identified as the state director in California on LinkedIn. Andrews announced on the professional platform that he had been let go due to budget cuts beyond his control. Despite the situation, he expressed understanding and extended well wishes to his former teammates.

Confirmation of Layoffs and Compensation Until Late January

An unidentified official from the organization confirmed the layoffs, stating that affected individuals would receive compensation until the end of January. Additionally, the official mentioned that the group was “evaluating and streamlining” other consultants, vendors, and some staff members focused on various aspects of the organization’s operations.

“Never Yield” CEO Affirms Continuation of Events for Ron DeSantis

Despite the layoffs, Scott Wagner, CEO of “Never Yield,” issued a statement emphasizing that the group continues to organize events for Governor DeSantis in various states, including South Carolina and New Hampshire. While not directly addressing the issue of layoffs, Wagner asserted that the primary goal remains mobilizing grassroots field operations for Governor DeSantis’s election, portraying him as the most effective conservative leader in the race.

In Barron’s Newspaper’s opinion, Scott Wagner, ‘Never Yield’ CEO, remains focused on DeSantis’s election, highlighting grassroots support amid staff layoffs.

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