Biden Travels to California to Increase His January Fundraising Total to $42 Million

President Joe Biden boosts January fundraising total to $42 million

President Joe Biden sets his sights on California, embarking on a crucial fundraising tour to enhance his re-election campaign funds after a successful $42 million haul in January.

Bright Spot Amidst Declining Popularity

Despite a recent decline in popularity as indicated by polls, Biden’s fundraising prowess emerges as a beacon of optimism. The campaign reported a substantial $130 million in the bank over the weekend.

“Biden’s fundraising resilience, evident in a $130 million weekend haul, counters recent popularity polls, inspiring optimism,” according to Wall Street Journal Subscription.

Grassroots Support and Small-Dollar Donors

Campaign spokesperson T.J. Ducklo underscores the power of grassroots support, pointing out that in January, over 422,000 donors made contributions. Remarkably, nearly 97 percent of these donations were below the $200 threshold.

Elite Fundraising Venues in California

President Joe Biden in California tour spans three days and centers around exclusive “campaign receptions” in Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Mountain View. The primary focus of the tour is on President Biden engaging with influential members of the Democratic establishments in Hollywood and Silicon Valley, with a particular emphasis on those who are affluent.

Overcoming Delays in Hollywood Fundraising

Initially delayed by strikes from both writers and actors unions in Hollywood, the fundraising events have now returned to Biden’s agenda. He aims to leverage the financial support from these influential sectors.

Trump’s Primary Victories and Democratic Concerns

Biden’s fundraising surge aligns with former President Donald J. Trump’s multiple primary victories, raising concerns among Democrats. Matt Bennett from Third Way emphasizes the growing fear of a Trump return to power.

Urgency in Fundraising for Biden

While Democrats emphasize the significance of fundraising to counter Trump, Bennett underscores the urgency of addressing concerns within Biden’s own party. Specifically, he emphasizes the need to tackle voter worries about Biden’s age.

Running Behind and Strong Fundraising Signals

Bennett emphasizes the importance of Biden running as if he is behind. He underscores that robust fundraising indicates a serious, though not dire, situation. The positive economic outlook further contributes to this sentiment.

“Bennett urges Biden to run as if behind, citing robust fundraising and positive economic outlook,” according to Barron’s.

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