Illinois electoral commission rejects attempt to eliminate Trump from ballot

Illinois electoral commission rejects attempt to eliminate Trump from ballot

Illinois elections took a surprising twist as the State Board of Elections quashed attempts to remove Donald Trump from the state’s primary ballot. The challenge, rooted in the insurrection clause of the 14th Amendment, faced unanimous dismissal by the bipartisan elections board. They cited a lack of jurisdiction in tackling intricate constitutional issues.

“Illinois election twist: Bipartisan board rejects bid to remove Trump, citing jurisdiction and constitutional complexity,” according to Barron’s.

Constitutional Conundrum

Five voters petitioned, claiming Trump’s ballot presence violated a Civil War-era provision barring insurrectionists from office, sparking legal challenges. Their claim alleged Trump’s active role in the violent events of January 6, 2021, aimed at overturning the 2020 presidential election.

Legal Jousting

During the elections board meeting, Attorney Matthew Piers, representing the petitioners, asserted the board’s authority and duty to address objections based on the U.S. Constitution. He painted a picture of Trump orchestrating, facilitating, and supporting the insurrection, disrupting the certification of electoral votes.

Counterargument and Unanimous Decision

Trump’s attorney, Adam Merrill, countered these claims, stressing the absence of precedent for the board’s intervention. He argued that Trump did not incite violence on the day of the Capitol attack. The bipartisan elections board, evenly split between Republicans and Democrats, unanimously dismissed the motion, asserting their lack of jurisdiction in the matter.

Personal Convictions vs. Official Ruling

Illinois elections board member Catherine McCrory clarified the board’s role while expressing her belief in an insurrection on January 6th. She emphasized their lack of authority to rule on the matter that day. Despite personal convictions, she voted in favor of the motion’s dismissal due to jurisdictional limitations.

Immediate Appeal and Legal Landscape

The legal team behind the petition is expected to promptly appeal the decision. Ron Fein, the legal director for Free Speech for People, expressed confidence in Illinois courts upholding the disqualification while seeking clarity on the legal basis under Illinois law. This development precedes a U.S. Supreme Court case challenges Colorado’s decision to exclude Trump from its ballot. It sets the stage for a broader legal battle across states regarding Trump’s eligibility for upcoming elections.

“The legal team plans to appeal, confident in Illinois courts. A pivotal case challenges Trump’s eligibility nationwide,” said Bloomberg Digital Subcription.

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