Nikki Haley Relies on Anti-Trump Donors for Support

Haley Relies on Anti-Trump Donors for Support

In a surprising twist, Nikki Haley bid to challenge Donald Trump for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination is gaining significant financial traction. This surge is attributed to a notable influx of defiant donors who are rallying behind her cause. Despite her recent setback in the New Hampshire primary, Haley appears well-positioned to finance her campaign through at least the South Carolina primary on Feb. 24 and possibly beyond.

Haley’s Fundraising Soars Past $4 Million

Haley, the former South Carolina governor and United Nations ambassador, has witnessed a remarkable surge in online fundraising, amassing over $4 million since rebranding herself as a prominent adversary to Trump. This financial boost has played a crucial role in positioning her as the primary contender standing in Trump’s path. It has garnered the support of large-dollar donors who, despite reservations about the former president, are backing her candidacy.

Ken Griffin Joins Haley’s Supportive Ranks

Billionaire GOP donor Ken Griffin recently declared his financial backing for Haley, emphasizing her candidacy as tremendous according to WSJ newspaper subscription. While acknowledging the narrowing path ahead, Griffin believes Haley would dominate in a general election if nominated. However, he stopped short of revealing whether he would support Trump if Haley’s bid falls short.

NYC Event Expected to Raise Over $1.5 Million

According to The Washington Post, Haley’s fundraising efforts further highlight a high-profile New York City fundraiser scheduled for Tuesday. The event, expected to raise over $1.5 million, features contributions ranging from $3,300 to $16,600 per person. Co-hosts, including Wall Street heavyweights like Stanley Druckenmiller and Henry Kravis, signal a broad base of support.

Efforts to Bar Haley Donors Boost Fundraising

Despite Trump’s call to permanently bar donors contributing to Haley, this move has inadvertently galvanized her fundraising efforts. Some donors view this as an attempt to expel them from the MAGA movement, a sentiment echoed by James Hoffmann. A retired investment manager and Haley donor from Massachusetts.

Haley Commits to Super Tuesday

Challenges lie ahead for Haley as she trails Trump significantly in her home state of South Carolina. The nomination map after South Carolina poses challenges, but Nikki Haley remains undeterred. She is committed to persisting with her campaign, extending it through Super Tuesday on March 5. She positions herself as a viable alternative to a potential Trump-Biden rematch, emphasizing her appeal to a broader Republican base.

Q4 2023 Disclosures Paint a Positive Picture

As both candidates prepare to disclose their fundraising and spending for Q4 2023, Haley’s campaign has already announced an impressive $24 million in collections. The super PAC backing Nikki Haley, SFA Fund Inc., Revealed a fundraising success by reporting a total of $50.1 million raised in the last six months of 2023. This surpassed the Trump-aligned super PAC, MAGA Inc., by approximately $4 million.

The Unfolding Narrative of the Republican Primary Race

The changing dynamics of this fundraising battle and the continuous support from donors will undoubtedly influence the course of the Republican primary race. This evolving narrative promises to captivate attention in the buildup to the crucial Super Tuesday.

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